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After having worked for nearly 20 years in tourism and special events, I took the difficult decision to move away from the industry to focus on my young family. And for my family, our home is at the very centre of our family life; this is where the mess is made every day, the arts and crafts, the homework, the baking, the planting and the painting, the dens are built and the football games are played. I honestly appreciate how fortunate we are to have a place we can call home and also all the love, attention and effort we put into our home to make it just perfect for our family. 

It took a while to get to this point; several house moves, a year in San Francisco, some emotionally and financially draining renovations and many hours of research for every little aspect of every project we undertook to finally get to where we are. Through all of this, I developed a true passion for houses. I see the potential in a house, I love interior design and garden landscaping. I understand and appreciate the big role our homes play in our daily lives and how they need to serve our practical needs but also, on an emotional level, to make us feel safe and give us joy.  

Over this past year, our homes have become more important than ever before, they have become our whole world for weeks on end and we all had an opportunity to re-evaluate how we interact with them, what our needs and what could be improved to work better for our ever changing lifestyles.

After having completed more work on our own house these past few months, I have finally made the decision to offer my services to other home owners who need support with their own projects or are not sure how to tackle a design challenge. With so much information out there it can be very daunting knowing where to start and often it's just good to talk to someone else to have a different perspective.  I am hoping my passion, first hand experience and knowledge will provide some invaluable support and give a unique home design service. 

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